What are the Vibra4.0 and PreDo systems?

You may have so frequently heard about production at industrial facilities getting interrupted due to unforeseen reasons. And also about occupational accidents (fire, explosion etc.) occurring due to failure to make timely maintenance for machinery, leading to worker injuries and loss of lives. We also know that environmental pollution based on the machinery utilised in industrial facilities increases, causing further and further greenhouse gas emissions and thus global warming. As a matter of fact, essentially we would want the machinery of any industrial facility to be regularly maintained for the purposes of both occupational safety and environmental safety. In addition to all these, we observe that innovation facilities gain significance in regards to the development of industrial facilities through emergence of Industry 4.0. The Vibra 4.0 and PreDo systems that we developed exactly at this point is a smart factory system that reflects occupational, environmental, facility safety and production data through enabling cognitive decisions, predictive maintenance and communication between machinery. The system we developed protects both the consumer and the producer through increased product quality and efficiency at a facility. Our system is an environment-friendly system that increases energy efficiency and encourages growth by enabling communication between machinery. Vibra 4.0 and PreDo systems ensure all these aspects through utilisation of deep learning and big data, and accommodates with various machines.

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